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Hybrid Cottonwood
Populus deltiodes (var. Noreaster)       

Wildlife Value

Buds and catkins good food in winter and early spring.  Bark, twigs, and leaves eaten by rodents, rabbits, deer, beaver, and porcupines.  Provide forage for browsing wildlife such as whitetail and mule deer up through the sapling stage.  Provide important nesting and roosting habitat for various species of birds.

Growth form globular to irregular
Crown density moderate
Size 75 to 100' high
50 - 75' spread
Cold hardiness excellent
Growth rate rapid
Life span moderate
to 6,500 feet
moist; good for most soils
Possible insect
leaf miners, fall webworm, poplar borers, oyster shell scale
Possible disease 
cytospora canker, bacterial wetwood, Marssonina leaf blight
Wildlife value fair: nesting and roosting cover
Seasonal color not conspicuous
Miscellany sterile female, usually cottonless (no guarantee); hybrid